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The OPUS Music Competition (State Level) is open to all music students in the United States ages 5-18 who play violin, viola, cello, bass, or piano. Students compete by submitting a video performance as required by their age category. Winners in each state will be chosen by a jury of renowned musicians. The jury will select winners for each instrumental and age category. All winners, including merit award recipients, will be invited to compete in the OPUS National Music Competition for cash prizes & national titles.


Students can create a program with at least 1 composition, and no more than 3, which must fit within their allotted time based on age category (please see the rules for category time limits). Students can record each composition at a time, and then combine the videos to (1) final submission OR record their entire performance in one take. Students are also able to create a YouTube playlist using multiple videos, and submit the link to the playlist. The OPUS Competition prefers YouTube links.


The jury of the OPUS Competition is made up of renowned artists. The panel includes principal players & concertmasters of leading orchestras from the USA, Canada, and Europe, in addition to university professors. The official jury will be announced at the closing of each application cycle. Meet the jury by visiting:


The OPUS Competition will award prizes for each category and state on the recommendation of the judges. All other students will receive a unique participation diploma. All winners will be featured on our website and/or YouTube channel, in addition to press releases through select media outlets. The prize winners and merit prize recipients from each state will have the opportunity to compete at the OPUS National Music Competition for cash prizes & national titles.


When is the application deadline?

November 19, 2023 at 11:59 PM

How many people are on the jury?

The jury is made up of up to 4 renowned musicians, university professors, and arts leaders.

How many pieces of should students play?

Students can play a minimum of 1 composition and no more than 3, which must fit within the allotted time for their age category. The number of compositions chosen have no bearing on results. Students will be judged on the overall quality of their performance rather than the number of compositions chosen.

How much does it cost to apply?

The competition fee is $95, which includes the cost of mailing any awards or participation diplomas.

*Early application fee is $75 (early application date is listed on the application page)

*Please note you may choose to have certificate awards framed in a high quality metal frame for only $30 more

How do you verify state of residence?

State of residence is verified through the mailing address used to submit your competition application.

What happens if a category within my state doesn’t have enough applicants?

If a category does not have enough applications, then the entries received are still adjudicated by our panel. This means the judging panel can still recommend the participants for an award based on the quality of their performance. Additionally, the judges may also recommend merging categories if the playing ability of the competitors is similar in nature.

When will the results be posted?

All results will be announced the third week of December. Participants will receive an email announcing results.

When will awards be shipped?

All certificates & awards will be shipped between late December and early January.

Will all contestants receive recognition?

Yes. All contestants will be awarded with diplomas for their participation and/or prize attained.  Winners will also be featured on our website, YouTube channel, and press releases to select media outlets.

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