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State Application Form
This is the name that will appear on the prize or participation diploma
Please list how old the competitor will be on the date of the application deadline.
All correspondence will be be sent to this email address
*Required for students age 17 and under
*Required for students age 17 and under
Whether or not a student has a private teacher has no impact within the competition. Judges will not be shown this information.
Address, City, State, Zip Code
Please provide a link to your video. YouTube links are preferred. Please be sure to have video settings as unlisted or public.
Please list your competition program (up to 3 pieces) within the allotted time for your category. The list should include name of composer first, title of composition, and movements if applicable (e.g. J.S Bach - Suite no. 1 in G, I. Prelude)
Competition Entry Fee
The entry fee includes shipping of prizes & awards. You may choose to have your diploma framed using one of our high quality modern metal frames.
Credit Card
Billing Address
Billing Address
Please enter the email address where your payment receipt sent to
How did you hear about the OPUS Competition?
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